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Acro Show 2018 Proves Air Sports Are Here to Stay

August 30, 2018 4:39 pm

This week, On the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, tens of thousands of spectators converged to witness an epic air sports event, Acro Show 2018 (Also known as the Sonchaux Acroshow). Skydivers were jumping out of paragliders, attached to a bungee cords which were attached to other paragliders, while F/A-18 jets buzzed the huge crowds nearby. Stop! Read that last sentence again. That’s just a sample of the 3 day air romp that went down in the town of Villeneuve, Switzerland. It’s an air show, stunt show, paragliding competition, and carnival all combined into one well-coordinated air sports event.

Here’s a short video promoting all this air sports festival has to offer.


At the center of the event are some serious acrobatic paragliding competitions, sponsored by the World Air Sports Federation. The Acro World Tour attracts the top acrobatic paraglider pilots from around the world. They compete in a tournament format, or “battle format” as they say in Europe, with competitors being eliminated at each stage. The tour started with qualifying rounds in Voss Norway, Molveno Italy, and Trasaghis Italy before reaching the finals in Villeneuve Switzerland.

Watch Horatio LLorens in Action (4 Videos) >>>

Here’s a short video highlighting the acrobatic paragliding competition from 2017.

Air Stunts and More

In a carefully choreographed exhibition of talent and technology, spectators had people and aircraft dropping out of the sky from every direction. Using live-streaming helmet cams, the audience could watch on a big screen as the Flying Devils pulled freefall stunts with their supporting airplane nose diving just feet away. Wingsuit jumpers launched from nearby mountains and strafed the crowd. Acrobatic paragliders were all around splashing across the water-logged landing rafts. Spectators who booked tandem paraglider flights could get a birds eye view of all the action.

Not to be outdone, the Swiss Air Force made its presence known as it roared across the waterfront in it’s lightening-fast F/A-18 fighter jets. The fun didn’t stop in the evening. Looking like something out of a Tron movie, the Twister Aerobatics Team took to the skies at dusk to make sure the spectators were completely satisfied.

Click here to see the Twister Aerobatics Team in action.

Air Sports Competitions Explained

Here is a brief breakdown of the World Air Sports Federation competition categories:
  • XC Competition: Cross Country paragliding competitions involve a large group of pilots launching from a mountain and forming a swirling gaggle inside of a column of rising air (a thermal). At a predetermined time, the group flies towards turn point, or “task”, then makes a turn, and on to the next task as fast as possible. Points are scored for speed and total distance covered. GPS flight computers help all of this make sense to competition pilots and judges alike.
  • Precision Landing Competition: This paragliding competition is as fun for the spectators as it is for the pilots. Usually performed over water, pilots swoop down and attempt to land on a small raft about the size of a boxing ring. The closer they land to the center mark the higher their score. Landings look like controlled crashes and often pilots wind up splashing into the water.
  • Expression Session: This is where the aerial acrobatics come in. Pilots jump from helicopters and then try to pull as many high energy stunts as possible. They flip, spin, and twist in mind-boggling ways for points.
  • Swoop Freestyle: This is a new experimental competition category. The open format allows skydivers, speedriders and paragliders to all compete against each other directly.
See the 2018 World Acro Tour Final Results >>

Air Sports in the United States

In Europe, Air sports pilots are as well known as Tiger Woods or LeBron James are in the United States. European air sports competitions attract crowds that are comparable to the Super Bowl or NBA Finals. The United States has relegated recreational pilots to remote hillsides far away from civilization and modern infrastructure. Even though groups like the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association have done an excellent job educating, insuring, and equipping pilots with everything they need for safe flying, the competition scene just hasn’t taken off (no pun intended). With technology bringing safer flying equipment, reserve parachutes that open faster, and high tech flying computers, Isn’t it time for the U.S.A. to give air sports another look?

Air Sports Competition Links Here’s one more video of the Acro World Tour from a spectator’s perspective. Scroll down for more videos.

More Air Sports Videos

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The Swoop Freestyle World Championships are in San Diego this weekend

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Claire Mercuriot talks about Flying in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Claire Mercuriot continues to be competitive in a sport dominated by men. In this video she talks about her experiences flying at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

360 Cams and Acro Pilots Are Trippy Together

Roland Brunnbauer seems to defy the laws of physics in this video. Presumably this was shot with a new GoPro Fusion 360 camera.

Roland Brunnbauer goes Acro with a Paramotor

In this video Roland Brunnbauer gets high with his paramotor and then cuts the engine as he pulls radical acro paragliding stunts the rest of the way down.

Mael Jimenez Acrobatic Paragliding

Mael Jimenez shows us his acrobatic paragliding skills in these videos. Check out Mael in his element in this video taken in Organya, Spain.

Thomas Schloegl Acro Paragliding Landings

Thomas Schloegl brings us footage from a competition pilots point of view as they try to hit the landing rafts several times. Wait for it.

Egor Posokhin Acrobatic Paraglider

Egor Posokhin and his paramotor get an ATV ride out to the remote snow covered tundra in Norilsk Russia. The sky couldn’t be any clearer and the snowy terrain makes this acro paragliding video really clear and sharp.

Andres Villamizar Acro Paragliding Videos

Here’s a video of Andres giving some tandem paragliding flights in Atitlan Guatemala. Fast forward to the 1:15 mark to catch Andres cutting loose during a little ‘me time’

Lionel Hercod Acro Paragliding Videos

Here’s a promotional video of Lionel Hercode and friends flying for Niviuk. The paraglider manufacturer put together some great scenic aerial shots of some brand new wings in action.

Cesar Arevalo Urrego Acro Paragliding Videos

Here’s a video of Cesar Arevalo Urrego and his friend Andres Villamizar doing a hike and fly deep in the Himalayan mountains.

Jack Pimblett Acro Paragliding Videos

This video shows Acro paragliding pilot Jack Pimblett handling some sketchy launches, including one from a hot air balloon. Don’t mind that big wide hole in the side of the balloon Sir.

Francois Ragolski Acro Paragliding Video

We found this video of Francois Ragolski flying with acrobatic paraglider pilots Tim Alongi and Martin Schricke over Mount Blanc.

Axel Fornasier is spinnin and grinnin

Acro paraglider pilot, Axel Fornasier, earned the #6 spot at The 2018 Acro World Tour. Here’s a few videos showing some “casual” flying from Axel.

The Perlan 2 Soars To the Edge of Space Without a Motor

The Perlan II Glider Plane has been breaking unpowered aircraft altitude records recently. This week they bested 76,000 ft. again shattering their own altitude world record.

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier’s Weightless Paragliding Video

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is known for incorporating man made structures into his paragliding stunts. In this video ski Jumps, swimming pools, and industrial cranes all get put to good use.

Theo de Blic Soars the French Alps

Watch the Théo de Blic’s acrobatic maneuvers in the French Alps. As Theo de Blic soars over the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet Funicular experience the sights and sounds of paragliding.

Tim Alongi Acro Games Paragliding Video

Tim Alongi finished #4 in The 2018 Acro World Tour. Here’s a video of Tim paragliding at this year’s AcroGames in Organya, Spain.

Victor Carrera Caught on Camera Acro Paragliding

We had trouble tracking down acro videos of Victor but it looks like the paparazzi caught up with him.

Rafael Goberna Powered Paragliding 360 Video

Outside of acrobatic paragliding Raffael is also known for his motorized paragliding skills. This 360 video let’s you pan around to control the view as he paramotors over Brazil’s beautiful Iguazu Falls.

Base Jumping at the KL Tower in Malaysia

Base Jumping off the KL Tower in Malaysia is the best thing you will see today. The KL Tower BASE Jump 2017 competition took place in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Acro World Tour 2018 Final Results With Videos

Here are the Acro World Tour 2018 final results with videos included. Click a competitor’s name for videos.

Horacio Llorens Best Acro Paragliding Videos

Horacio Llorens claim the top spot in the Acro World Tour 2018 Finals. Here are the videos showing why he is the acro paragliding champ.

Switzerland’s Parachuting Team – The Flying Devils

The Flying Devils are a skydiving school near Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Watch their skydiving performance at the 2018 Acro World Tour.

Acro Show 2018 Proves Air Sports Are Here to Stay

Sponsored by the World Air Sports Federation, The 2018 Acro World Tour was an air sports show, stunt show, acrobatic paragliding competition, and carnival all combined into one.

Conner McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather in a Wind Tunnel

In a 12 ft. wide windtunnel with winds reaching up to 150 miles per hour they duke it out in a high energy fit of rage.

Paramotoring low over central California

Patrick from Fly The Fan cruises low over the central California landscape in his powered paraglider.

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