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This Real-Life Iron Man Suit Actually Flies

Gravity Industries has developed a real-life Iron Man suit and it actually flys. Watch the videos.

Swiss F/A-18 Fighter Jet Shows Who’s Boss at Acro Show 2018

The Swiss F/A-18 fighter jet shows its prowess as an agile war machine during the 2018 World Acro World Tour and air show.

Daniel test drives a Parajet Maverick paramotor

Ozone dealer Daniel Ribas hooks up his Ozone Freeride paraglider to a Parajet Maverick motor and takes it for a test ride. Do you think he likes it?

Blackfly Is An Electric Aircraft Anyone Can Fly

Opener Inc. has released some videos of their new Blackfly personal aircraft and they look like they came straight out of a Steven Spielberg movie.