Who is this for?

Anyone with extreme air sports videos. Whether you are a flight instructor, competition pilot, or just a weekend warrior, Xilr8 wants to see your videos. Flight schools and equipment manufacturers are encouraged to promote themselves through entertaining videos

Do you pay video content providers?

Our goal is to eventually pay everyone based on the number of ad views their videos generate. For now, we are just getting started and need videos to help us acquire new media outlets and to meet ad network acceptance guidelines. The early content providers will be considered part of the Xilr8 start-up family and will receive special treatment in the future. Who knows, maybe we will even send you a t-shirt.

What types of air sport videos do you accept?

Currently we are open to reviewing any flying-related videos. The crazier and more unique your air sports videos are, the better. Xilr8 loves free flight air sports such as paragliding, skydiving, base jumping, wingsuit flying etc. but we will look at anything from bungee jumping to powered aircraft videos.

Why should I use Xilr8?

  • Go Big: Reaching the minimum view requirements of large media networks can be daunting on your own. By joining forces with other video producers we can easily meet the challenging minimum requirements for participation on the major media networks such as Roku, Hulu, YouTube etc. Join the Xilr8 family and be a part of something big.
  • Partner With Professionals: After spending 10 years working with some of the largest ad networks in the world Xilr8’s founder is working to secure the highest sponsorship payouts possible. We expect to exceed the YouTube payout rate by 3X.
  • Synergy: With marketing and distribution across channels that go beyond Vimeo and YouTube, The success of the combined effort will be greater than the sum of its individual parts. Combine the power of the network with videos from a wide variety of fascinating people and the sky is the limit!