Monetize Your Extreme Air Sports Videos


You Shoot Videos. We Pay You.

Xilr8’s works hard to secure the highest sponsorship payouts possible for air fanatics like you. You focus on producing great videos, we take care of the rest. Join the program.

Bigger Screens Mean Bigger Payouts

In early 2019, we plan to begin distribution across channels that go beyond Vimeo and YouTube. We expect to exceed the YouTube payout rate by 2X.

Xilr8 is the air sports network created by pilots, for pilots

We understand the risks you take to get exhilarating footage, we do it ourselves. You deserve to get paid fairly. We are seeking partners with professional looking videos to participate in our network launch in early 2019. Complete this form to introduce yourself and discuss becoming a partner.

Go Big or Go Home

Reaching the minimum view requirements of large media networks can be daunting on your own. Most people never make a penny. Video producers who partner with Xilr8 never need to worry about meeting the challenging minimum requirements of the major media channels like YouTube. Join the Xilr8 family and be part of a team that blasts through these corporate barriers.
  • No minimum view requirements
  • Self promotion allowed
  • Increase your exposure
  • Bigger payouts mean more gear, more freedom.

Step 1: Connect

Sorry, we have temporarily stopped accepting videos.

What types of videos do you accept?

Whether you are a flight instructor, competition pilot, or just a weekend air warrior, Xilr8 wants to see your videos. Xilr8 loves free flight air sports such as paragliding, skydiving, base jumping, wingsuit flying etc. but we will look at anything from bungee jumping to experimental aircraft videos, as long as you own the rights to the footage.