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Twister Aerobatics Team: If Tron and Blue Angels had a Baby

August 30, 2018 8:40 pm

The Twister Aerobatics Team is an acrobatic flying duo piloted by Peter Wells and Chris Burkett. They can be seen performing stunts at air shows throughout the Middle East and Europe. Recently, they entertained the crowds at the 2018 Acro Show in Villeneuve, Switzerland.

The Twister Aerobatics Team has outfitted their stunt planes with LED lights and pyrotechnics for spectacular evening performances. Take a look at this promotion video taken at the Roskilde Airshow in Denmark.

In the video below, one of the pilots suffers an engine failure pretty low to the ground. Observers call it a crash but I would call it a hard landing. The talented pilot flattened out his angle of attack in just enough time to hit the ground bottom-first. You really get a sense of how lightweight these planes are as he bounces on impact.

The Twister plane was originally a radio controlled acrobatic plane developed by Matthias and Thomas Strieker in Germany. It was so successful as an RC plane that they decided to build a real piloted version of it in 2010. This is the model that the Twister Team is flying now.

Click here for videos from the 2018 Acro Show >>>

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