The Xilr8 Mission

Our mission is to advance air sports through social awareness, revenue sharing, and advocacy

Based in the little town of Los Osos California, Xilr8 was created with intention of raising the profile of air sports to the same level of public interest as tennis or baseball.

Raising Air Sports Awareness

There is a disconnect between the air sports community and the general public. From the public’s point of view, air sports athletes are just adrenaline junkies making irresponsible choices. Pilots and Skydivers know that the opposite is true. We continually train, study, and devise protocols which allow us to minimize risk and maximize rewards. Xilr8 wants to bridge the perception gap by educating the public about the talent and improved technologies that are pushing freefall and flight into a new era.

Xilr8 Raises Air Sports Awareness Through:

Social media channels

Entertaining Online Videos

Smart TV Channels

We Share our Revenue With Pilots

Xilr8 wants to make it possible for air sports professionals to quit their day jobs and live their passions. The more our partners earn, the better the videos they can produce. We are currently developing a system that generously shares revenue with air sport video producers. We want to do right by the people who contribute to our community especially the people who contribute early on. Learn more.

Community Advocacy

We believe in giving back to the air sports community. In addition to the public outreach provided by our articles and videos, Xilr8 is actively advocating for the establishment of new paragliding & hang gliding sites. A portion of all proceeds will contribute to those efforts.